Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Me At Ages 16 & 18

Included in the packet my sister-in-law Lilia recently sent, were these two old photos of me. It made me smile to see them after over three decades!

In the first, I'm guessing I'm 16 years old, and lying on the grass looking happy. In the second, I'm visiting Lilia and my brother Richard in Switzerland where they were living. I'm 18 years old in that one, and that's one of very rare photos of me wearing a dress!


Malu said...

Oh! How adorable you are in that red dress! Braids...I wish.

You look happy or some induced reasonable facsimile thereof.

Peace and love!

Malu said...

p.s. Is that a painting you did to the right?

Jaya said...

Thanks, MaLu! That painting is one by Lilia... she was painting a lot of very cool aliens back then.

Sherry said...

its nice being young :) but we do get old.

Anna said...

Jaya this is nice photograph of you, especially the one in the dress. What a great color coordination, I like it, look so lovely and refreshing. Anna :)

Mirri* said...

aha...oke so you where pippi longstocking..
as i am now.

so now i know how i will look when i grow up,
like a woman with funny hair cause of the braids earlier :-P

AND with a cat on my head!! jipppiee
when i have a pippivilla, in bout 2 years, i invite you and all your cats over to come play!