Thursday, September 13, 2007

Another Branch of the Family Tree

I'm a very visual person, so my ancestors always become more interesting to me once I've seen an image of them. The couple below were just names in one somewhat obscure branch of the family tree, until my brother Bev found photos of them.

And now, I'm pleased to present, from my paternal grandmother Julia's line, one of my 32 pairs of Great, Great, Great, Great Grandparents, Mary and Thomas Gloster.

Mary Hayes Willis Gloster (1780-1854) and
Dr. Thomas Benn Gloster (1763-1819)

And here is a clearer version of that photo of her, which I found later:

Now, here's a little bit about these two, from info collected by my Cousin Mary, who may or may not actually be a cousin, but either way IS a dear friend, and wonderful at digging up genealogical data.

"Mary Hayes Willis, daughter of John and Mary Willis, was born July 13, 1780, and married in Orange County, North Carolina, May 30, 1795, Dr. Thomas Benn Gloster. The Bible of Dr. Thomas Gloster was taken to Tennessee by his descendants. It gives much information of interest on the family in Warrenton. The following from the Bible:

"Thomas Benn Gloster, son of Arthur and Catherine Gloster, was born in the city of Limerick, Ireland, St. Michael's Day, September 16, 1763, left Limerick July 1, 1785. On February 20, 1786 he arrived in Warrenton, North Carolina, one of the United States of America." He died there January 13, 1819.

Dr. Gloster and his wife, Mary, had two children: Arthur Brehon Gloster, born 1799, and Elizabeth Willis Gloster, born 1796.

That Elizabeth married John Anderson, son of Daniel & Maizy (Mary) Anderson of Scotland in 1815. They had five children, and then moved to Tennessee. My line comes down from their second child, Thomas Gloster Anderson (b. about 1820, d. 1882).

Two things jumped out at me from this --> My Great, Great, Great, Great Grandpa Thomas left Ireland exactly 170 years, to the day, before MY birth in 1955. And he married Mary when she was only 14 years old, and he was 31. That seems a young age for her to get married, but perhaps it was not unusual back then. She had her first child the following year.

UPDATE: Here is a memorial that has been put up for the cemetery where Mary Hayes Willis Gloster and others (including my gr. gr. gr. grandparents John Anderson & Elizabeth Willis Gloster Anderson) were buried:



Kim said...

it's amazing what the family bible revealed in those days Jaya.....fascinating history :)