Saturday, January 22, 2011

Griffin Is Such A Handsome Love Boy!

Here are a couple of recent photos of Griffin. I've had him for around 7 weeks now, since adopting him from the local shelter. He is adjusting to his new home very well. He is slowly but surely learning the number one rule: The Cat Is Always Right! (Unless it's the neighbor's naughty cat, Simba, who is generally wrong.)


Unknown said...

Griffin is adorable! You house rules are perfect. My congrats to the cat!

Nic's Notebook said...

Awww he is lovely! Glad he has been given a new home! We are getting our 2nd puppy 2moro and have 3 cats so it is fun in our house lol.. It is true though, the cats always come out on top haha!!

Cate said...

Hi Jaya,
This is Cathy from Bloggy Doggies. I wanted to let you know you won the taste of the wild prize pack for Griffin!
Contact me at with your full name and address and I'll pass it on to the folks who sponsered the contest. Congratulations!