Friday, January 7, 2011

Fieldsie Watching 'Video Catnip'

I recently ordered 'Video Catnip' DVD, a viewing experience created to entertain cats. It has images of birds and squirrels for cats to watch. My order arrived yesterday and when I got home with it I popped it into the computer. Fieldsie was the first of my cats to notice it, and below is a short video of him watching. I think more of my cats will enjoy this soon, once they discover it. I'm planning on leaving it playing for them when I'm away at work.



Unknown said...

You did a great job of capturing cat curiosity. Such a sweet calm kitty.

Sparkle said...

Those DVDs are fun! Boodie and I really like them. Binga, on the other hand, isn't much interested in them. I'm not sure why the critters don't get her attention.