Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Henry's Lazy Day

My cat Henry, who I adore, is usually a pretty busy fellow, out and about, exploring the territory. Below you can see him coming down out of one of the huge trees in the front yard:

But yesterday Henry had a lazy day, spending much of the day just lying around on the foot of my bed. He opened his eyes and lifted his head briefly, when I took this first photo, but then he dozed right off back to sleep. You can also see that he's injured his nose. I don't know how he did that, but it's healing up.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Henry...sorry about your nose!
Get well soon!

Jackie said...

Oh dear,
My Puma cat does the lazy act all day. Then keeps us awake all night!!

Now Sugarpuss likes to play all day. But, she too manages to take enough naps in the day to wander all over during the night.

Have a great week:-))))

Anonymous said...

Have you been in the sun, Henry? Sure that's not a melanoma on your nose? Better get it looked at.

Where I live we cats get skin cancer easily (especially on the nose)

Anonymous said...

Henry have you been deep sea fishing? Looks like a barnacle. Hope your nose gets better soon. I know your human will take great care of you.

Jaya said...

Thanks for the comments everyone.
Henry has not been deep sea fishing,
though I'll bet he'd enjoy eating the
catch if he. And I don't think it's
skin cancer, Vladimir, though I will
be more aware of that possibility
from now on. It seemed to be an
injury that then scabbed over. Half
of it has fallen off since I took
these photos a couple of days ago.

Karen and Gerard said...

Wow, I hope Henry is okay. He sure is a brave cat climbing up that huge tree! Hope his nose gets better soon and he's up and about again. Meow!

CapricornWoman said...

Henry is adorable, I hope his nose gets better really quickly :)