Thursday, November 3, 2011

Harvesting the Potatoes!

Here are photos of my two recent potato crops.  They are little guys, 'cause they only grew for a couple of months... I found some old sprouting spuds in the back of the fridge when I was moving out of my old house.  I thought, hey, why not stick them in dirt and see what happens, and lo and behold, now I've grown my first potatoes!  

Wonderful fun.  Next year I will do it again, with an earlier planting so they have time to grow to full size.  It is such fun digging them up - like digging for buried treasure!!

The first bunch I dug up, a couple of weeks ago:

And my second harvest, which I dug up yesterday:


Unknown said...

that is awesome and sounds simple! congrats on your crop

CapricornWoman said...

How lovely - I don't have a garden now, just a balcony, but they remind me of being home when I was little and my Dad grew so many different veggies..

PetsBlogs said...

There is nothing better than fresh dug new potatoes. You are so lucky to have them.