Saturday, June 26, 2010

FOOD: The Currency Of The Future!

Sundance Global is giving away FREE meals to spread the word about their food products and upcoming business opportunity.  Click here to go get your own free food.  I've just ordered mine, and it was easy!

Sundance Global, after 27 years in the food business,  has made the call to go to person to person marketing.  During this introductory period,  up until 10-20-10, you can go to the site below to pre-register as a distributor for FREE.  There is no future obligation of any kind.  After you enroll you can get 8 free meals sent right to your door. These meals can be stored for up to 25 years and they taste great! You will also get a free website that you can use to share this with others!  During the introductory period, for every 2 folks you share this with,  who request their own free food, you get 8 more meals! How great is that?  You do have to pay $5.95 for shipping per 8 meals. 


Sundance Global offers ready to eat meals that are dehydrated from #1 grade fresh raw foods and have a shelf life of 15 years. They do not add any MSG, genetically altered food, hydrogenated oils or foods from counties that utilize illegal fertilizers and insecticides. All the meals are vegetarian, but includes a natural meat substitute that provides the needed protein in your diet.   At the site below you can also see the foods they offer.


Give Some, Use Some, Store Some 

Sundance Global is open for pre-launch up through 10-19-10 up to that point you can get a lot of free food, just by sharing this with everyone you know, so they can also get free food! At least that is the hope of Sundance Global:  Get 2 people to order their free food and you'll get 8 more meals.  Then when the company launches you can start to earn income from those you introduce to Sundance, those who understand how important it is to keep a store of food handy just in case of emergency!

for you own free food today!