Friday, August 13, 2010

iTunes Store FRAUD Warning

In the past two days I have had over $100 of fraudulent charges from the iTunes store.   From what I've learned, there is a LOT of this sort of thing happening now with iTunes.

If you have an iTunes account, there are two simple steps you can take to protect yourself  from this type of fraud:  First, change your account password.  Second, change your payment setting to 'none', which is one of the options, so there is no bank, PayPal, or credit card associated with your iTunes account.  If you want to make a purchase, you can add a payment source, make your purchase, and then change your payment setting back to 'none', after the transaction is completed, to protect yourself again.


reyapot said...

oh.. that's bad.. would you be able to refund the charges?

you got a nice blog header.. like it so much..

i hope u can visit my blogs too..

Unknown said...

Thanks for the alert - I will pass it on!

Gee said...

Hmmm.. i don't buy at iTunes. I just always choose the freebies. LOL! :)

Prisqua said...

I only use iTunes cards so I dont have a payment source attached to my account.

Campbell Jane said...

Oh man that's a bummer! I don't buy iTunes but I know someone who does so thank you for the heads up. Get it "heads up" groan ok ok. Your picture with the cat on your head always makes me smile!