Monday, October 19, 2009

"Look, He's So Happy!"

The rare parrot featurned in this video, a kakapo, is a very friendly fellow. While normally an interspecies sex video would not be my cup of tea, I quite enjoyed watching this one! And as Stephen Fry says, while watching the amorous parrot in action, "Look, he's so happy!". Yes, indeed he is. Have a look for yourself:


Anonymous said...

My dear Planet, especially Jaya.

My dear Kitty wakes me up every morning wanting to play. I can not tell you how unispired I am before a cup of tea.

So, first he wakes me up. Then, under the guise of affection, licking face espcially up my nose; if he doesn't get what he wants i.e. me springing out of bed like Shakesperes trystathon, he will sit beside me, grab a mouthful of whathever is ran, er, handy, and proceed to hump himself into what he wants me to be. Available? Not on his terms. At least he can take care of himsef. And he learned to do this while he was an outside cat. He did not do this because I didn't give him enough stimulous. He is a male cat that demands far too much attention.

And thank you for the video. I swear that the only thing that is missing is Kitty getting something in his mouth while he humps the cushions.

Unknown said...

Jaya, I'm still laughing...being shagged by a bird! Thank you so much!

Rich Sands said...

More interspecies sex videos! A monkey and a rabbit! A toad and a tiger! Keep them coming (no pun particularly intended)!

Jewelry by Tara said...

I gotta say that the cat on your head gave me a great laugh☺

This video is so great that I linked it to my blog. Love this funny bird!