Wednesday, August 19, 2009

He's Baaaaaack....

I've written about Simba, my neighbor's cat, in other posts. I wouldn't mind him coming into my house if he didn't pee on things. But he does pee, so he is not a welcome visitor. And he seems to be getting bolder. A couple of days ago, while sitting at my computer, I looked over into the kitchen and saw Simba sitting on the kitchen counter by the sink!

I started talking to him, while reaching for my camera, and he jumped down from the counter and casually began making his way to the open front door. I snapped a few photos as he exited. They all came out blurry. Apparently I'm not able to talk and take photos at the same time- it's slightly more challenging than walking and chewing bubble gum at the same time. We all have our limits, I suppose.

But one of the photos I took reveals new information about Simba. Look at it below and then tell me what you think- could Simba be possessed by a demon? Maybe Simba is actually a sweet, good kitty, and it is the demon that is making him pee all over my house?

While Simba was exiting from my kitchen, he walked right by one of my cats, LaLa. She totally ignored him. I found that a little disturbing, as it might indicate that he is here a lot more than I realized, and my cats have just accepted it. If that keeps up, I may wake up one day and find him in bed with me! The other possibility is that Simba isn't actually here at all, and I'm just hallucinating him. That would also explain why LaLa ignored him. But, can hallucinations be photographed?


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Unknown said...

Oh my! The hallucination idea is very intriguing indeed. I think maybe they can be photographed, but they will always come out blurry and a bit scary. You can solve this mystery by trying to photo the visitor again. Maybe.