Monday, February 23, 2009

Fieldsie & Gams Snoozing

Gamma and Fieldsie sleeping together Monday evening. Before they both fell asleep there was loud purring coming from each of them. Kitty love, kitty bliss... so wonderful.


Jo Hoffacker said...

Aw, too sweet! Much sweeter than using her butt as a pillow. :)

CapricornWoman said...

They are so cute.. I sometimes think I should have got 2 cats!

Anonymous said...

I remember how Gams feels. Guess I wasn't cat enough for Fieldsie.

Manz said...

So sweet :)

Our 2 cats like to snuggle - but they tend to 'spoon" as one is a BIG cat and one is a very small cat. These two look so comfortable together... love them being cheek to cheek.

Anonymous said... I see why you just wont let me "steal" Fieldsie. He is so loved! As well as loving. mmmm