Monday, December 31, 2007

FBI In Your Library?

I came across these signs on and found them humorous but CREEPY reminders of the times we are in. How will this trend, of 'protecting' us by taking away our right to privacy, progress in the new year of 2008? Time will tell... but for now, as my last post of 2007, I present these signs that might be displayed in your local library, to let you know if Big Brother, er, I mean the FBI, has paid a visit there:

For more info on the impact of the Patriot Act on American freedom of expression and access to information, click HERE to go to the Free Expression Policy Project site.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, we are in the process of refinancing our home and we had to sign Patriot Act documentation papers. I was going to draw pictures by my signature, but actually got afraid!

I guess the idea is to protect us from too many foreign acquisitions? Too late!

Jaya said...

Really, MaLu? That is unsettling. I was not aware that California was now considered a 'foreign' territory! If that IS now the case, it is probably somehow unpatriotic of you to be living out there. From now on, when sending me mail, please put a return address on it from Texas, or New Jersey, or one of the other states that has not gone foreign on us. I don't want to attract undue attention with foreign mail from California. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Our governor is an Austrian!

myonlyphoto said...

I don't care who is watching anymore, as long they don't take my credit card, nothing to hide, lol. I think in the future we will be even more transparent. Funny thing once happened to me, I dialed a number to call someone, but then I found that there was someone on the phone, I started to listen, it was my neighbour ordering pizza - I guess our lines crossed somehow, that was funny though. Anna :)