Sunday, May 13, 2007

Staff Meeting Scribbles...

We have 2 or 3 staff meetings each month at the Secret Zombie Free Youth Shelter where I'm employed. I usually doodle on a pad during the meetings, as it helps keep me focused and awake. Below are some examples of my staff meeting doodles (click on any image to see it bigger):


Palm Tree Waterfall

Above and Below

Maybe... Maybe Not

To The Sky

Beam Me Up

Stars & Hills

Moving Energy

Bad Affect

In Motion

Boys On The Beach At Night

Neon Blue Elsewhere

Geeky Heart

Flying Pig?


Anonymous said...

Lmao!! I use to do the same... At the meetings, at my desk, before clocking in, on lunch break, before clocking out. Hmmmm... I like the truck splat and the Palm Tree Waterfall.

Rhoda said...

Your doodles are better than my drawings!!

Anonymous said...

i like your drawings. i draw things too :)

Jaya said...

Dear Maze, Rhoda, and Starry-

Thanks so much for your comments,
and for visiting my blog too!